Take your shoes off? Really?

Is going barefoot now and then (or even more often) actually good for you?  Mike, Lisa and I discuss this surprising theory and more on tomorrow’s computer radio show.

Last week I gave you a recipe for homemade Macaroni & Cheese (the ultimate comfort food for cold weather!) at the end of the show.  This week I’ll give you my recipe for Maple Butternut Squash — so good that even  my picky son-in-law asks for seconds when I make it!

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You can write in your comment below, and we’ll even read some of them aloud on a subsequent show if you’d like.

Build your immune system while you still have time – before the snow flies!

Jean Pollock, Holistic Health Practitioner

 Mystical Rose Herbals

Disclaimer: The views aired on magnificatmedia.com are not necessarily those of Mystical Rose Herbals

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