1. Hi Lois!! I just saw this message from you – that’s how AWFUL I am at my website!! When you come up I’ll show you the book or you can get a kit for your granddaughter and learn it together. The book makes it super-easy! I MISS YOU!!

  2. Melissa Baker says:

    My favorite product is the lemon-sea salt body scrub.
    It melts away dry skin in full luxury spa style. I love it on my feet and elbows. It leaves a smooth silky feeling and warms the soul with the heavenly fragrance of lemon.

    Melissa L Baker
    Pearls Fitness 24

  3. Sharon Stokes says:

    I absolutely love these products. I am 55 years old and my skin looks 30. I used to buy expensive department stores moisturizers and but Maidens Glow face cream is so much better. I actually seems to renew and feed your skin. I also love the lavendar exfoliating scrub. I live in NH but everytime I am in Sheffield I look for a farmers’ market to buy products. So happy I can do it over the internet now!

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