Select One of Eight Types
Therapeutic Bath Salts – Select one of eight types

Salt from the Dead Sea is unlike any other sea salt.  It contains high amounts of magnesium, which most people are extremely deficient in.

Dead Sea Mineral Salts assist the body in excreting toxins through the skin by soaking in a bath mimicking the  the effects of actually bathing in the Dead Sea!

Re-establishing proper Magnesium levels in the body reduces stress by allowing the body to relax the over-worked adrenal glands and to produce serotonin and all its relaxing effects.  It pulls out toxins; reduces inflammation; increases stamina and experts say that bathing in these salts a few times a week is one of the best things you can do for your body, both internally and externally.  We here at Mystical Rose Herbals add an Herbal Bath Tea Bag designed to specifically address your body’s most common concerns.  You can choose from the following selections:

  • Detoxify & Strengthen the Immune System, giving the body the ability to better fight disease
  • Reduce Stress and Calm
  • Fight Colds & Flu
  • Fight inflammation and restore health
  • Nourish & Heal the Skin
  • Prepare for Birth
  • Heal after giving Birth
  • Ease the Symptoms of Menopause

Each selection comes with complete instructions and a beautiful, reusable organza bag (Suggestion: After your bath you can dry it and add Rosebuds or Lavender and use it as a drawer sachet).

Dead Sea DeToxifying Bath Salts w/Specific Herbal Tea Bag for the Bath   $16  + Shipping