MENOPAUSE I – SAFE WITH PREGNANCY. Ease the symptoms of sleeplessness, hot flashes, moodiness with the use of herbs. 

Contains:  Achilles mel. (Yarrow); Valerian off., Vitamin E, Arctic Lapp (Burdock Rt.); Smilax off. (Sarsaparilla Rt.); Crategus spp. (Hawthorne); Equisitum arvense (Horsetail); (Gota Kola); Lobelia inflata; Taraxacum off. (Dandelion Rt.); Juristic dio. (Nettles); Vitae Agnus (Chaste Tree Berry); Alchemical vu. (Lady’s Mantle); Cinching race. (Black Cohos); Actaea racemosa (Blue Cohosh)

Menopause Formula 1 4 oz. $40

Menopause Formula 1 8 oz. $73

Menopause Formula 1 16 oz. $125

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