Fever Formula

A fever is a sign that the body is working to rid itself of an illness, but if it goes on too long or gets too high, it must be addressed.  Of course a cool washcloth on the forehead is one of the first remedies to make the patient feel cooler; a warm bath to open the pores and let out heat also helps sometimes.  There are certain herbs that also will assist the body in the healing process and the herbs chosen for this formula are known for their ability to bring down a fever.  They are safe and effective.   DIRECTIONS:  Give 3 full dropperfuls (90 drops) for each 150 lbs of weight every 3 hours or as necessary.  Contains:  Achilla mel. (Yarrow); Sambuca n. (Elderflower); Eupatorium purp. (Boneset); Menta pip (Peppermint); Zingiber off. (Ginger).  Using more than this dose IS OK if the fever isn’t going down.

Fever Formula 4 oz. $40

Fever Formula 8 oz. $73

Fever Formula 16 oz. $125

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