Cold & Flu Relief

Freshly picked Calendula

COLD & FLU FIGHTER FORMULA This formula contains a plethora of herbs each of which addresses one or more symptoms of the common cold: Cough, fever, aching bones, sore throat and more.   Gets you on your feet fast!  4 oz is good, 8 oz. is better.    +Recommended for your Herbal Medicine Kit

Contains:  Eupatorium perf., Farfara tussilago, Calendula off., Echinacea purp.,Sambucus can., Allium sativum, Nepeta hederacia,Solidago odora, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Lobelia infl., Malva sylv., Verbascum nigrum, Zanthoxylum americ., Mahonia aquafolium, Mentha spp., Gaultheria procumbins.  NOTE:  Herbs with matching properties may be substituted when necessary.  NOT FOR NURSING MOTHERS; DRIES MILK.

Cold & Flu Relief 4 oz. $40

Cold & Flu Relief 8 oz. $73

Cold & Flu Relief 16 oz. $125

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