Lip Balms

Our CRAZY AWESOME LIP BALMS are truly nourishing to dry lips. One application brings your lips to life! We add some peppermint for a perky lift and a bit of ginger to add some natural lip-plumping qualities. Containing only the simplest of ingredients (Organic Olive Oil, Local Bees’ Wax and Essential Oils) your lips will come back to life after only one application! Choose regular or naturally tinted, which will bring out the natural pink of your own lips.

“MY LIPS ARE HEALED!” is an Organic/Grown Without Chemicals combo similar to the Lip Balm mentioned above but also containing HERBS that HEAL damaged lips, OVERNIGHT! Simply apply this balm before you go to sleep — you’ll wake up feeling like shouting, “HEY!!! MY LIPS ARE HEALED!!”

HERPES HATER Cold Sore Salve. This is a miracle-worker for those who are prone to the annoying and embarrassing effects of cold sores. BUT! IF you have this wonderful little container of “Herpes Hater Cold Sore Salve” on hand, simply APPLY IT OFTEN at the FIRST SIGN OF A TINGLE and most often it will kill the cold sore before it even has a chance to erupt. We think you will be extremely pleased!

Lip Balm Options. Each tube is .15 oz (regular tube size) $3.50 + shipping

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