Essiac Formula

Extracts of Burdock Rt., Sheep Sorrell, Turkey Rhubarb & Slippery Elm according to exact amounts used by Rene Caisse in her famous infusion recipe.

Essiac Formula 4 oz. $40

Essiac Formula 8 oz. $73

Essiac Formula 16 oz. $125


  1. Hi Mindy,

    Merry Christmas! Oh my! I JUST saw your questions! I’m not sure why I wasn’t notified that you’d sent a message. Anyway, In order to keep mold from growing on your Maiden’s Glow Herbal Face Cream, the number 1 thing to do is to use it! Number 2 is to turn it upside down after you close it and rap it firmly in order to bring the cream to the top, thus forcing the air away from the cream. This sometimes helps. As you know, the preservatives in MGHFC are all-natural (Vitamins C & E, Rose Hips and Grapeseed Oil), so will never completely prevent mold from growing (unfortunately!). God bless, Jean

  2. MindySlippy says:

    I love your products!!
    My favorite skin is Maiden Glow, but I’m having trouble keeping it mold free.
    Mine lays on my dresser, Not in the bathroom.
    We use air conditioning always, so the house is dry.
    But it grows green mold on top.
    I even infused Young Living Frankincense, mixed it in.
    But I still get green mold on top.
    Is your recipe more liquid now?

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