Herbal Antibiotic Formula

Herbal Antibiotic Formula   The overuse of antibiotics is causing germs to become resistant to them and is one of the fastest-growing concerns on the planet.  We always try to use natural means before we turn to medicines – and they usually have a great affect.  Our Herbal Antibiotic Formula contains herbs that have natural antibacterial properties.  Begin at the first sign of infection and take for two weeks, 3X/day.  Specific instructions on bottle.

Contains:  Calendula off., Echinacea purp., Allium sativum (Garlic), Zingiber off. (Ginger),  Nasturtium off., Plantago major (Plantain), Rosa spp. (Rose Hips), Hypericum perf. (St. Johnswort).   

Calendula Flowers
Calendula Flowers have always been used to fight illness
Echinacea contains immune-strengthening properties
St. Johnswort also boost the immune system

Herbal Antibiotic Formula 4 oz. $40

Herbal Antibiotic Formula 8 oz. $73

Herbal Antibiotic Formula 16 oz. $125

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