HERBAL ANTIBIOTIC WITH GOLDENSEAL.  Goldenseal makes the antibacterial formula stronger but is not recommended for pregnancy.  Contains:  Calendula off., Echinacea purp., Allium sativum (Garlic), Zingiber off. (Ginger),  Nasturtium off., Plantago major (Plantain), Rosa spp. (Rose Hips), Hypericum perf. (St. Johnswort), Hydrastis canad (Goldenseal).   Take 30 drops for each 50 lbs of weight 3-4X/day for 12 days.  2 oz. will not be enough for an adult.  NOT FOR PREGNANCY

Herbal Antibiotic Goldenseal 4 oz. $52

Herbal Antibiotic Goldenseal 8 oz. $96

Herbal Antibiotic Goldenseal 16 oz. $180

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