Burn Salve

Burn Salve

BURN SALVE Our unique recipe for instant to near-instant healing from the pain of a burn has had results unprecedented in any other product that anyone who has ever used this can compare it to. It was developed when one of our daughters, 15 at the time, got a terrible steam burn from a Cappuccino machine while helping at a local restaurant. Her hand was as red as a cooked lobster and she was in intense pain. My “mother instinct” kicked in and I pulled out my best reference books for PAIN, put the herbs that are now in this salve together in an infusion and instructed her to sleep with her hand hanging over the side of her bed in the pitcher of herbal “hand tea”. As she slept I infused the same herbs into homemade lard and expected to wrap her hand with it in then morning. But …when she woke in the morning she had no pain at all! I was amazed! That was almost 20 years ago and the Burn Salve has been used by many folks since then with the same near-miraculous results! This is a salve that every home or restaurant kitchen should have on hand. Don’t wait until you have a burn to order! 2 oz. jar/$16; SAVE! 4 oz. jar/$29

Burn Salve 2 oz. Jar

Burn Salve 4 oz. Jar

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