ALL NATURAL LIP BALM  Moisturizes lips.  Feels smooth and natural on your lips, not like the paste you find in some lip tubes.   Our lip balms come with a clever hook on the top which can clip to your pocketbook, backpack, keyring, etc.!  Contains only Olive Oil, Beeswax and Essential Oils with Ginger for lip plumping and Peppermint for a “sparkle” on your lips.  Magically tastes naturally sweet, with no added sweeteners!  CHOOSE PLAIN OR TINTED.  

“MY LIPS ARE HEALED!” Lip Healing Therapy.  Heals chapped lips overnight.  Contains: Olive Oil, Comfrey Lf. & Beeswax. 

“HERPES HATER” Cold Sore Killer.  Contains Olive Oil infused with Melissa offl, and Beeswax.

Lip Balm Options. Each tube is .15 oz (regular tube size)   $3.50  + shipping

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