MARRAKESH OIL:  HELP for Thinning or Limp Hair.  Is your hair lacking luster?  Thinning?  This may be due to scalp de-hydration, which occurs as we age.  Hair follicles become clogged or simply tired out, due mostly to the aging process, but also because of our constant exposure and intake of foods that offer us little in the line of nourishment.  With regular use, our proprietary combination of ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC Argan, Hempseed, Coconut and Essential Oils may give your hair just the boost and help it needs to come back to life.  Simply put our MARRAKESH OIL on your fingertips and massage through your hair and onto your scalp.  Start with every day, then just a few times a week should be enough to maintain the beautiful hair you’ve re-discovered.  To begin with, spend some time before retiring for the night giving your scalp first a good brushing to remove dead skin cells and wake up the scalp, then apply Marrakesh Oil with the dropper provided, throughout your scalp.  Massage in well and wrap your head in a towel or scarf to sleep.  Let the Oil do its work as you sleep.  Wash your hair in the morning.  Repeat a few times as week until you notice a restoration.