++Recommended for your Herbal Medicine Kit

++OUR NUMBER ONE SELLING PRODUCT.  This herbal Health Tonic is unlike any other available on the market.  It contains many herbs with properties which are  beneficial to the immune system and it’s full of  vitamin and mineral-containing herbs that are 100% botanical and matching the chemical makeup of the human body.   No waste (i.e. undigested tablets in the sewer!) and no stress on the liver from  synthetic supplements.  A GREAT alternative to factory-made vitamins, & very affordable too (compare the price to your own vitamins). This formula contains herbs which, when combined as in this formula, provide the body with all the vitamins & minerals … naturally!  Take 2 dropperfuls 2-3X/day for good health.  CONTAINS:  Medigo sativa (Alfalfa), Hordeum vulgare (Barley Grass),Beta vtdgaris (Beet Grns. & Rt.), Metracaria cham. (German Chamomile), Glechoma hed. (Ground Ivy), Lamanaria sacch. (Kelp), Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet), Urtica dio. (Nettles), Avena sativa (Oat Straw tops), Pau D’Arco, Rosa spp. (Rose hips), Trifolium praet. (Red Clover), Rubus idaeus (Red Rspby. lvs.), Spinach Greens & Spirulina.  Each herb is singularly extracted in a separate alcohol/water solution and then measured and combined to formulate this product. Compare $$ and “sense” to all those indigestible tablets!

Herbal Health Tonic 4 oz. $40

Herbal Health Tonic 8 oz. $73

Herbal Health Tonic 16 oz. $125

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