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On this week’s episode of our show, Mike, Lisa and I continue our discussion of the  very necessary departure from dependence on factory & processed foods to homemade creations made with ingredients that are in most everyone’s kitchen. The first part of our discussion is about digestion, and how it is at the core of good health.  What foods aid in digestion?  Did you know that homemade stocks are simple to prepare yet are key to a healthy diet?  Homemade bone and fish stocks supply vitamins and minerals in super-abundance!  “Jewish Penicillin” — i.e. homemade chicken stock — didn’t acquire its nomenclature for nothing!

Eating foods prepared naturally and in our own kitchens is not only do-able, but it’s actually quite simple and can be accomplished by anyone — even the most untrained cooks!  On Saturday’s show, Lisa and I give you our own recipes for easy, homemade and super-healthy stocks.

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