Let me share with you this beautiful first day of spring in the Berkshires…

It’s too beautiful for words … the breeze is gentle and warm, the smell of moist soil suggests that you might want to get out the rake and remove the dead leaves that were protecting the plants during the winter to see what’s hiding underneath.  There’s probably new shoots anxious to sunbathe and grow. Pictures taken around 8 a.m.

How (deceptively!) ugly plants and gardens can look this time of year!  Just look at mine ...

It’s my Comfrey Herb covered with it’s protection from last year.  Looks awful, doesn’t it?  But it smells like there’s new growth underneath.  I’m going to go out and rake it when I’m done blogging!
This is a chive flower surrounded with new chive leaves.  Guess we’ll be having mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.  How about one of our home-grown chickens with home-grown mashed po’s & chives and a nice fresh, spring salad.  Sound good?
These are leaves from one of my poppy plants.  Hard to believe that this little thing will be full of HUGE, orange flowers in a few weeks.

                                                       Fresh, spring Yarrow leaves

                                                            Lamb’s Ear peeking out

                                                                  Baby Columbine (Honeysuckle)
DO YOU LIVE IN THE CITY?  No room for a garden?  Why not do what the Italians do?  Garden on the
Enough of being on the computer!  I’m going outside to clean my gardens!

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