I put my screen in the porch storm door … too early!

Brrrrr!  Was anyone else out there fooled by the warmth of the first week of spring?  It went on and on … so we thought it must be an ‘early’ spring.  Throwing caution to the wind I acquiesced to my son’s request and let him put the screen in the door.  Too early!!!  Should have listened to reason because that seemed to call the cold back and it’s been cold ever since.  But the plants are still happy and coming up, Look!

This is one of my Comfrey Herb plants.  It’s just emerging, but before you know it it will be HUGE!  The Comfrey Herb is known as a “skin herb” — it helps skin cells develop and since we lose thousands and thousands of skin cells daily, this is a natural for any skin salve.  It is one of the ingredients in “Maiden’s Glow Herbal Face Cream” (http://www.mysticalroseherbals.com/store/herbal-face-cream-organic-herbs/).

A fresh batch of “Maiden’s Glow Herbal Face Cream” contains Organic Olive Oil that has been infused with non-certified but totally organically grown Comfrey Herb.

                                                    Each jar is carefully filled and weighed.

And, voila!  The velvety, thick and nutrient-laden face cream is ready to go!~
Now … back to outside last Saturday.

Did anyone happen to see the “upside down rainbow” last Saturday?  I thought rainbows had to begin and end in water, but this one definitely had a mind of its own and was “free-flying” in the sky!  What a treat to see, and I’m sharing it with you – Fiori

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