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Got the winter blues?  Well, here in New England some of us have the winter “blahs”!!  We’d love to look out our windows and see white snowflakes falling softly to the earth but instead we’ve been having 30-something degree days and no snow to speak of.  So….I’ve decided to plant an inside garden!  I’ve got about 10 pots of hyacinth going and my new experiment this winter is planting morning glory seeds to see if they’ll grow inside.  Any suggestions anyone?

And, thinking ahead, do you need to sign up ahead of time to join a community garden for this coming spring?

Take the opportunity that offers itself only in the springtime … soft earth!  Even if you live in the city, join a community garden or, if you need to, you can garden in pots.  It’s so nice to grow something yourself; even if it’s only one tomato plant, or an herb garden in your kitchen window (try chives, parsley and basil in one long pot).  See how good it makes you feel to produce food for yourself!

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  1. It’s time to start some seeds. Don’t forget to put them near a window that gets lots of light or under a soft white florescent light. It’s IMPORTANT to make sure they are moistened regularly too.

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