Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea – Vitamins and Minerals in A Delicious Cup of Tea!


Hello Friends,

We have a fresh batch of our delicious Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea ready to be mailed to customers who order in time!  This great-tasting tea contains herbs which, combined, contain almost all of the vitamins and minerals that have been discovered through science so far — and in a delicious food source!

Our customers have discovered that if they drink a cup or two of Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea on a regular basis that they are less prone to colds, flu and other nasty winter illnesses!  Your immune system stays flooded with the strength it needs to keep you healthy, and all from a natural source!  

To order our delicious & healthy tea, visit our website:

Begin the cold weather with a healthy, strong constitution!

Jean Pollock, HHP

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