After all the snow, we need some green and flowers!

To the left <<<

A happy Ivy plant

To the >>>

an African Violet.  Nice Winter Gardening!

Below is Berkshire Meadows Herbal Health Tea, brimming with a plethora of herbs that hold vitamins & minerals which are released as the tea steeps in your pot or cup to keep you healthy and happy during the cold winter months.

A Gerber Daisy that I potted in the fall from my garden just bloomed.  Whoops!  Just noticed the brown on a couple of the leaves…must remove that today.

                                To the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>my daughter’s Lemon Tree is budding all over.  How exciting!

 This Poinsettia is still blooming and making my windowsill cheerful.

 The Jade Plant is happy in the window.

To the left, I’m forcing tulips in water.  (The tulip that you see is a silk tulip — I just put it there to encourage the real ones!  ; ) 

                                                                                       HAPPY SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY COMING UP!! >>


I hope this cheered up your day — Fiori

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