Winter Garden

Hopefully all of you living in the Northeast are able to keep warm and cozy in this true blizzard that we are in the midst of~~

Thinking of how impossible it is for gardens to look nice in the winter I thought I’d take a few photos of my new garden plot as it looks now and then hopefully in the spring, when my bulbs burst forth first with green leaves then with their beautiful and fragrant flowers (hopefully…), we can compare then to now and smile, knowing that winter never lasts forever.  Notice the bulb in the bottom picture!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

These pics were taken this morning before the blizzard hit but as I write this I am looking out my window above my monitor and it’s blowing and snowing like crazy.  I’m so glad we have a nice blazing fire going in the wood stove and that the porch is full of wood.  Makes me want to eat popcorn while somebody reads a story…!

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