Second Day of Spring and Resurrection

OK, those tulip bulbs not only died, they rotted.  I’m too embarassed to even take a picture of them to show you!  They stank as I threw out the soil and everything with it.  Too bad we’ve got so much snow or it would have made a great addition to my compost heap! 

But, I do have some good news!  The Angel-wing Begonia is making buds!!!  Soooo…there is hope in the resurrection of plants that appeared dead!

Good time of year for it, with Holy Week coming up next week.  I know, I know, they say I should leave God out of things, but I just can’t.  Not with 5 weeks of fasting behind us and only one more week to go.  I was thinking the other day, as my stomach was grumbling and I was trying not to, that Lent, to me, has some similarities to pregnancy.  Like, for instance, when I was 7 months pregnant and it was reeealllyy getting hard to lug myself around, haul laundry, pick up the kids’ clothes, tie their shoes (or mine!), etc., etc. I would think, “I wish God had made pregnancy only 7 months.  I would be good with 7 months.  Why the 9?”

I know God has an affinity for 40, and so that makes 40 special.  He knows best.  But about the 4th week of Lent, I start feeling like ………. ohhhhhhhhh …………… I’m getting so TIRED of this!  Are we there yet?

So, there’s only a couple more days of this week, then next week is Holy Week, when we’ll REALLY turn up the gas, so to speak, and then we’ll be at the glorious Resurrection.  Can’t wait! 

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