Making Homemade Grape Jelly from Wild Grapes … cont’d.

Hello again!  So here we are on Day #2 of making your own grape jelly.  It’s actually kind of too late in the season here in the Berkshires to pick wild grapes because we’ve had too many killing frosts and the grapes look more like raisins on the vine.  But these were picked in time and it’s fun to see that it can be done — and easily!  You might be able to go to your local farmers’ market, if they are still operating, and buy some Concord Grapes.  They have the most flavor and, other than wild, I have never used any other kind to make grape jelly.  OR … believe it or not … you can simply buy frozen grape juice concentrate from the frozen food section of your grocery store and that’s the easiest.  Keep in mind that you don’t need grapes to make jelly or jam — you can always use another fruit or berry.  Try peaches, apples (for apple butter!), plums, cherries, etc.  

Wild grapes ready for the transformation into jelly

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