If you can wait until Friday…

I know how beautiful it is outside … and it’s been SO rainy and cold (we had fires in the woodstove all weekend!) … but IF you can withstand the temptation to plant today, your plants will “take” better if you plant on Friday & Saturday because today the moon is in Aquarius, Aquarius Sign which is (believe it or not and regardless of how it sounds) a fire sign and not the greatest for planting.  If you can wait until Friday, the moon will be in Pisces.   According to centuries of planting practice, Pisces is one of the best signs to plant under because it is a “water sign”.  It is very productive and moist, second best sign for planting and transplanting.  Especially good for root growth and irrigation.  Even though the moon is waning, go ahead and plant your garden during Pisces.  Can you wait … ?  I

Plenty of times I have resisted the temptation to plant during the wrong sign.  When I transplant under a “fertile, earth sign” it is amazing to watch how the plants adapt.  They almost don’t even need watering because the earth is so ready for them!  They stand up straight and are as happy as can be!

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