Goldenrod Gets A Bad Rap!

On this coming Saturday’s Mystical Rose Herbals radio show I explain how Goldenrod gets a bad rap.  It’s not the Goldenrod that’s causing your allergic reaction!  It’s probably Ragweed, which is less abundant as a plant but hundreds of times more prolific as an allergen.

Tune in on Saturday to

and listen to all the wonderful properties that Goldenrod has!  It has many uses … and you can pick it and put it in a flower arrangement without worrying about allergies.  How about that?!

Ragweed (Ambrosia). Wind-borne pollination; millions of minuscule spores that are so tiny that they can even get through a mask.
Goldenrod. (Heavy pollen that cannot be carried by the wind.)

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I’ll “see” you on Saturday!

In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of Goldenrod while it lasts!

In Good Health,

-Jean (Fiori)


(Disclaimer:  The views held by are not necessarily those of mystical rose herbals.)

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