Commonsense Health Measures

Employ commonsense health measures to promote good health; drink a lot of pure water – from 4 to  8 glasses a day, as well as lots of fruit & vegetable juices and herbal health teas. Eat high quality whole wheat bread (sourdough bread offers your digestive system a wonderful array of digestive-stimulating enzymes), less meat & dairy and more raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If you get sick, try natural methods before you give up and go to the doctor. If you have a serious complaint, by all means, see a competent physician. We highly recommend those who incorporate the use of herbs into their practice.

We believe that the bottom line to good health, however, has a lot to do with how one looks at life. Do you have a positive attitude? Are you cheerful? Do you acknowledge everything as coming from the Holy Will of God with the exception of your own sins? Give thanks to God in all things, praise Him always and stay in the state of Grace. Make frequent acts of adoration, especially in times of trial, because these trials are your jewels; they can unite you with Our Lord’s suffering on the Cross. This even applies to someone else’s sins, which cause you pain. Unite your pain with the pains of Jesus upon the Cross of our Redemption. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING: 1)“Uniformity With God’s Will” by St. Alfonse de Liguori (TAN Books / 1-800-437-5876) and 2)“The Four Temperaments”, which is published by: The Pallotine Fathers, Inc., 5424 W. Bluemond Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53208-3097. Written in 1934 by Rev. Conrad Hock, it is a masterpiece of self study and we highly recommend it.

Rosa Mystica, Ora Pro Nobis!