At Mystical Rose Herbals we extract the properties from herbs, using  appropriate alcohol solvency percentages with approximately a 1:2-3 ratio of herb to menstruum.   Our single-herb extractions (tinctures) and, therefore, the combinations that we create from our extractions, are nice and strong, meaning that you are getting the most quality for your money.  The combinations that we offer are unique recipes to our company and can be found nowhere else!  Our suggestion is for you to see your doctor and get a diagnosis for an ailment.  Then call us for a consultation and we will discuss with you what herbs or herbal combination might address your symptoms.  We are not doctors; we make no claims that you will be cured.  However, we can assure you that the same herbs that have worked since the beginning of time are still working now and we strongly believe that it is best to work with medicines from “God’s Pharmacy” before you use synthetic medicines.  We use herbs that are grown right here on “Quarter Acre Farm” with no synthetics; harvested from the wild as in Olden Times or ordered from tried and trusted herbal suppliers.  Our consultations are $20/half hour; $40/hour and are offered by Nationally-Certified Herbalist, Jean K. Pollock, HHP.

The ingredients of our combinations are subject to minor changes due to availability and quality of herbs.  This does not change the properties or outcome of the formula.  If you need a product that you do not see listed here, please contact us to see if we might have it but not have listed it.

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Jean,

    It did arrive at the end of last week, safe and sound. We have already
    started using it, and loving it. Thank you for making this wonderful item!

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