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GREEN GOLD ALL PURPOSE SKIN SALVE This salve contains an array of herbs that contain naturally-occurring antiseptics, promote skin healing and growth, ease itching and provide nourishment to the skin.   This is a unique combination salve, designed to assist in all areas of skin ailments, bug bites & stings, cuts, bumps, diaper rashes and even those pesky “mystery rashes”.  No home should be without this salve!    + Shipping











Most of the herbs in our products are grown right here in the pristine atmosphere of the beautiful Berkshires on our own little farm.   The herbs in our salves are harvested on a sunny day, when the essential oils and medicinal properties have been brought to their peak.  They are carefully dried and their properties extracted in pure Olive Oil, then combined and thickened with beeswax from local bees. + Shipping.




BURN OINTMENT We made this ointment after one of our daughters got a terrible steam burn  from a Cappuccino machine.  We’ve tried it over and over and it works tremendously – the pain disappears in seconds and you forget you’ve been burned!  Also seems to work fabulously on other skin problems, so don’t be afraid to try it on any skin needs.  People who’ve tried it in emergencies, swear by it!! DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY TO ORDER! +Shipping


ARTHRITIS SALVE:  Many have found that massaging this salve into the painful area affected by arthritis offers relief from pain and stiffness.  ONE SIZE ONLY   4 oz.

WART REMOVAL SALVE: Works better than anything most people have tried. Massage it into warts and cover with band aid.



Calendula contains the ability to naturally nourish the skin. It also has antibacterial properties.

CALENDULA SALVE: Natural antibacterial qualities. Olive Oil Base. Very gentle, extremely effective. + Shipping



Yarrow Flowers
Yarrow is used in our chest salve

CHEST SALVE FOR COLDS: Loosens & relieves those tight chest coughs due to colds. Safe & soothing for babies. + Shipping


Hypericum perferatum
St. Johnswort is a specific for nerve pain

DEEP MUSCLE MASSAGE TREATMENT OIL This combination recipe originated when my husband twisted his knee just before we were to take a 24-hr. road trip and literally couldn’t put any weight on it. He thought we’d have to cancel the trip! Since we all had our hearts set on going, I wracked my brain and came up with this formula in it’s “rough” stage. He trusted me and we started off; 8 hours later, when we stopped for gas, he was walking and his knee wasn’t even stiff!! The formula has been smoothed and perfected since then; use it for any stiff or achy joints as well as traumatized areas. + Shipping


Plantain herb grows almost everywhere in the U.S.A.“NIX ITCH!”  An herbal spray that takes the awful itch out of contact dermatitis rashes and helps the skin to heal.  4 oz. spray bottle /$18.00


TUMOR/CYST SALVE   This salve has assisted in dissolving both tumors and cysts  (If you are dealing with a tumor, you will need to use a cleansing diet and a salve that will kill the root of the tumor when you have reduced its size and are at the roots.)



Organic Lip Therapy All Natural Lip Balm (Contains Pure, Organic Olive Oil, Essential Oils & Bees’ Wax) 

ALL NATURAL LIP BALM is truly nourishing to dry lips.  Containing only the simplest of ingredients (Organic Olive Oil, Local Bees’ Wax and Essential Oils), lips come back to life after only one application!

“MY LIPS ARE HEALED!” is an organic/Grown Without Chemicals combo similar to the Lip Balm mentioned above but also containing herbs that HEAL damaged lips, OVERNIGHT!  Simply apply this balm before you go to sleep — you’ll wake up feeling like shouting, “My lips are healed!!”

HERPES HATER Cold Sore Salve.  This is a miracle-worker for those who are prone to the annoying and embarrassing effects of cold sores.  BUT!  IF you have this wonderful little tube of “Herpes Hater Cold Sore Salve” on hand, simply APPLY IT OFTEN at the FIRST SIGN OF A TINGLE and most often it will kill the cold sore before it even has a chance to erupt.  We think you will be extremely pleased!



  1. Timothy Clani says:

    Hope my order for small Green Gold has gone through. Please verify via e-mail. Thanks.

  2. Ashley says:

    Can you make me the eczema / psoriasis cream please? My legs are so bad! Oozing and huge welts.

  3. Hi Carolyn, Eczema often is a result of a food allergy, and most often it is dairy, eggs, chocolate, sugar, corn or a high-acid food like tomatoes, so it would help you if you kept a food diary to note when the flare-ups are worse and relate it to a possible allergy.

    I make an Eczema/Psoriasis salve that usually takes care of it pronto and isn’t a huge investment.

    Do you give him Omega’s? Fish oil, Borage Oil or the like. You can google it. Puritan’s Pride is pretty good quality and not too expensive.

    Good luck and God bless you.

    Jean Pollock, HHP
    Mystical Rose Herbals

  4. Carolyn Stowell says:

    Hi Jean! I have been enjoying your show on Magnificat Radio and came to your site to see if you have any suggestions for my 6 year old’s eczema. Currently we use a few different Burt’s Bees creams, but sometimes he is so inflamed everything seems to sting but coconut oil. Even applying coconut oil daily doesn’t seem to keep his itching and dryness at bay. I’m adding an antihistamine and am going to try removing dairy to see if that helps. Thank you!

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