This page is dedicated to connecting local farmers & others who are dedicated to helping people achieve better health naturally.  Farms & businesses will be added as they come, so don’t look for too much alphabetical order here!

The Farm New Marlborough owned and farmed by Tom & Laurel Brazie.  Tom is a 8th-generation farmer in New Marlborough and has recently purchased the original Rooney Farm (which was Kolburne School after the Rooneys sold it to Sid Weinstein in the 1960’s).  Tom is working with the New Marlborough Land Trust to reclaim the land that originally was part of the farm.  He is using the multi-faceted method of Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm in western Virginia to regenerate the acres that he uses to raise cattle, chickens, pigs, and more.  Learn more about The Farm New Marlborough here:    Frances Culley and her young daughters have an amazing 100% local beeswax candle operation in Spencertown, NY.  Check out their website here.

North Plain Farm and Blue Hill Farm are run by Sean Stanton, a young and dedicated farmer as well as First Selectman of Great Barrington.  I recommend a visit to his website, and his delicious farm-raised products: chicken, beef and fantastic, creamy RAW milk!!

The Great Barrington Farmers’ Market offers the public an array of vendors who provide fresh, locally-grown produce and goods.  The market runs Saturday mornings from 9 to 1 from May through October. Along with offering quality products, it’s  a fun-filled place to spend a Saturday morning…AND there’s  a Mystical Rose Herbals booth, where you can buy our products.  A Farmers’ Market discount applies and you don’t have to pay shipping costs!

Berkshire Mountain Bakery is arguably the most nutritious bread anywhere around, and it’s fabulously delicious too.  Organic ingredients, fresh-ground flour and their own natural, bakery-made yeast.

For a list of local businesses who connect with one another for resources and support, visit Berkshire Grown’s website.


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