This page is dedicated to connecting local farmers & others who are dedicated to helping people achieve better health naturally.  Farms & businesses will be added as they come, so don’t look for too much alphabetical order here!

North Plain Farm and Blue Hill Farm are run by Sean Stanton, a young and dedicated farmer as well as First Selectman of Great Barrington.  I recommend a visit to his website, and his delicious farm-raised products: chicken, beef and fantastic, creamy RAW milk!!

The Great Barrington Farmers’ Market offers the public an array of vendors who provide fresh, locally-grown produce and goods.  The market runs Saturday mornings from 9 to 1 from May through October. Along with offering quality products, it’s  a fun-filled place to spend a Saturday morning…AND there’s  a Mystical Rose Herbals booth, where you can buy our products.  A Farmers’ Market discount applies and you don’t have to pay shipping costs!

Berkshire Mountain Bakery is arguably the most nutritious bread anywhere around, and it’s fabulously delicious too.  Organic ingredients, fresh-ground flour and their own natural, bakery-made yeast.

For a list of local businesses who connect with one another for resources and support, visit Berkshire Grown’s website.


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